• It is your choice! Zenbrisa offers our members the ability to arrange a massage trade with another member in our network. If you need a massage right now and you don't have time to connect with other members to arrange an exchange or you just want to receive a massage without exchanging, a reasonably priced paid massage is a great option. All paid massages advertised on Zenbrisa are $/€ /£ 49.99 or less* (*in USA,$49.99; in Europe, €49.99; in UK, £49.99 or equivalent pricing worldwide). We highly encourage all fee-based Professional Masseurs promoting their business or advertising their business on our website to offer very competitive rates so that they can obtain great new clients and get excellent repeat business. There are many masseurs advertising online with high prices and no business. We want to help set everyone up for success!

  • Create unique username and password and fill in registration form. Make sure to fill in all areas with * in order to complete the registration process.
  • Once you enter a valid email for signup, you will receive an email to confirm that you have given a valid email address. Please confirm and you will be on your way.

  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are using AOL, Hotmail/Live.com/Outlook email addresses, please check your Junk and/or Spam box if you do not receive a verification email promptly. Please add noreply@zenbrisa.com to your address book / contact list to improve deliverability. If you are still having problems, please contact us at info@zenbrisa.com

Change Password:
  • You can change your Password under the Settings tab.

Set Preferences:
  • Hide Profile- If you don't want members to see your profile, you can put Hide Profile in ON position. You will be able to choose the members that can view your profile by initiating contact with those members. We encourage all members to leave Hide Profile in OFF position to help you connect more easily with other members.
  • Incognito- If you do NOT want others to know that you have visited their profile nor do you want another member to know that you have listed them as one of your Favorites, you can put Incognito in ON position. Please note: When Incognito is in ON position, your profile will still be open for all other members to view. If you also do NOT want others to see your profile, then you can also choose to turn Hide Profile to ON position. We encourage all members to leave Incognito in OFF position as this will help you connect more easily with other members.
  • New Mail Notification- Please leave this in ON position to receive email notifications to your private email that you have new Zenbrisa email from another member.
  • Poll Mail Notification- Please leave this in ON position to receive email notifications to your private email of new Polls on the Zenbrisa website.
  • Once you register as a member on our website, you will receive confirmation that your registration was accepted. At that point, we encourage all members to upload photos in their Photo Gallery located under the Profile tab. You will be able to upload Photos/Videos (Videos hosted on YouTube). You will have much better luck lining up massage partners once someone can place the name with a photo. You can upload a Profile Photo, Public Photos, and Private Photos within the Photo Gallery. You can upload a Video within the Video Gallery. You can also upload a Profile Photo in Edit Profile. All members will be able to view your Public Photos but you must give a PhotoKey to those members that you want to see your Private Photos. A member will either ask you to send a PhotoKey or you can take the initiative by just sending a PhotoKey to any member you choose. Please DO NOT attempt to post any lewd or pornographic photos or videos on our site. Tasteful nude photos are OK but we reserve the right to censor or refuse to post any photos or videos that cross the line such as sex acts, etc.
    Cancel Membership:
  • Free members must request to cancel their membership in order to be removed from our website. Please see Terms of Use Agreement for full details.
    Massage Now!
  • This is great for members on the go that want to release some stress quickly. We help you facilitate looking for other members who are looking for the same... You can let other members know that you are available within a short timeframe. You will have the option (at your discretion) to leave your mobile number for another member to phone/text you to line up that last minute stress relief. You will see a flashing orange Massage Now! emblem on profiles of members who are available for Massage Now!. Click on the flashing orange Massage Now! to see mobile number that other member has left.
  • Search for Massages by Location
  • Right after logging in or when clicking on Home tab, you can search for massages by location. First, you must click on the second drop down menu Select Location and Add City or Add Country. The location you have entered will then be saved within your My Locations list. Then click on the first drop down menu Select within Miles and choose your desired radius from the list. You can always increase distance to yield more results. You can also Search for Massages within an entire country by clicking on the tab Countries within the Search by Massages box and select your desired country to search within.
  • Search Members
  • By clicking on Search tab, you can click on Search Members in the drop down menu and it will take you to the Search Member page. Here you can search members by Massage Now!, Username, Keyword or Professional Masseur.
  • Search Filters
  • Once you have done your initial search, you will see the advanced filters "Body Type" and "Experience" on the left hand side of the initial search results page.

  • You are able to send another member an email message by clicking on the email link in either the initial search profile or the detailed profile of another member.
  • Once you send an email to another member, the other member will receive an email to their personal email address that they have received an email from you in their Zenbrisa Mailbox.
  • Mailbox tab- You will be able to see all of your received emails in your Inbox and your Sent emails from your Zenbrisa Mailbox. You can also view all Email conversations by member in your Zenbrisa Mailbox.
  • Once clicking on the tab Profile, you can click on My Profile to view how others see your profile.
  • You can click on Edit Profile Details to edit the details of your profile.
  • We highly recommend uploading a Primary Photo (otherwise known as Profile Photo) as members with photos will have much better success lining up massage partners! You can optimize this photo by using the crop tool .
  • You can write something about yourself in About Me- we highly recommend writing some information about yourself so other members will know a little about you!
  • You can access and edit your Photo Gallery and Video Gallery.
  • You can mark a member as one of your Favorites. You can either mark them as your Favorite by clicking on "Favorite" on their initial search profile or once you have gone into their profile. Then, you can see all the members you have marked as your Favorites by going into your profile and clicking on My Favorites on the left side of the page. Also, when you mark someone as one of your favorites, they will receive an email notification to their personal email saying that you have marked them as one of your favorites.
  • If you want to remove someone from your Favorites, you can click on Unfavorite either on that member's profile or by going into your profile into the My Favorites section.
  • Zenbrisa incorporates a review system for all members so that any member can write a review on another member and give them up to a 5 star rating. The reviews can be written regarding a massage exchange with another member or regarding a professional paid massage. The reviews you have written on other members will appear both on your profile under Reviews Penned and also on the other members' profile under Reviews Received. You will also be able to see the reviews others have written on you on your profile under Reviews Received. All reviews are subject to administrative approval and once approved they will appear on both members' profiles as explained above. We encourage all members to write reviews on other members as a good review gives other members confidence in setting up a massage exchange or a paid professional massage with another member.
  • If you encounter an abusive or annoying member, you are able to Block the member from contacting you. You can block a member by clicking on "Block"in the member's profile.
  • Please Report Abusive Member to us so that we can monitor their account to make sure that they are not abusing other members as well. If we confirm that a member is abusive, we will close their account.
  • You are able to hide your profile by changing the ON/OFF status in the Preferences option under the Settings tab. By doing so, you will still be able to view all members on the website, but your profile will be hidden so that other members will not be able to see you until you turn "OFF" Hide My Profile. We recommend keeping this in "OFF" position to increase your success of finding other massages partners or professional massage therapists.
If you are interested in getting a massage asap, please enter all info into the Massage Now  box on the left side of the page when clicking on the Home tab. This will help facilitate finding others that are also looking for an immediate massage that works for your schedule! Check the box "I'm available till" and enter an hour until which time you are available. Then you select your country from the drop down list and then enter your mobile phone number (without country code). Then, an orange flashing emblem that says "Massage Now" will appear on your profile up until the hour you are available to exchange a massage. When other members click on this emblem, they will be able to see the mobile phone number you have provided to be able to get in touch with you for a massage exchange. This is a great feature to speed up the process of finding others that are also wanting to relieve some stress quickly.
    Chat via Massage Messenger
  • You will be able to chat via Massage Messenger with other online members within 60 mile / 97 km radius of either your home or travel location. This is an excellent way to get to know someone quickly, arrange a massage and not have to wait for a return email!
  • Load History on Massage Messenger
  • To see previous 5 chat messages, please click Load History. To see more history, please keep clicking on Load History.
  • Be an active part of our global massage community. You are free to suggest new Polls for others to vote on or create new blogs and become a part of the conversation. Zenbrisa is your global massage community -"it's all about massage!"
  • Set yourself up for success - a bit of planning makes all the difference.
  • Good judge of character - We do not endorse any members. It is up to you, like on any social networking site to do your due diligence in advance to feel comfortable with the person that you will be trading with or receiving a massage from.
  • Be respectfully timely! Give each other your mobile numbers to text or call in case of delays or necessary cancellations. Do not be a "no-show". No one likes a "flake".
  • Normal length of massage is 45 min to 1 hour. If you are exchanging massages with another person, make sure to allot enough time so that both parties get a similar amount of massage time.
  • Communication is key - communicate with your massage partner or masseur in advance of preferred massage styles, injuries, sensitivities, etc.
  • Make sure that both parties are cleanly showered. It is really disrespectful to ask another person to work on a dirty body.
  • If you are hosting, be respectful and make sure that your massage space is clean and if you are providing a place for your exchange partner to shower, make sure that the bathroom is clean as well.
  • Make sure to communicate in advance about supplies needed (sheets, towels, oil, etc) and who will provide.
  • Both parties agree on a quiet warm location - nothing worse than being cold during a massage.
  • Phones turned off.
  • Soothing music and dimmed lighting.
  • Be respectful with boundaries of your massage partner - again communication is key.

    Professional Massage Therapists

  • Advertise your massage services for FREE at www.zenbrisa.com the world's leading massage network. Sign up for FREE and create your profile now and receive valuable additional exposure.
  • Our website features masseurs/masseuses offering massages at $/€/£ 49.99 or less* (*in USA, $49.99; in Europe, €49.99; in UK, £49.99 or equivalent pricing worldwide).
  • Even if you are advertising at higher prices on other sites, this will give you additional business.
  • We can help you expand your business!! Value creates repeat customers... "It's all about massage!"
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